Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grocery Shopping- the SMART way!

I wanted to share two experiences with grocery shopping that I had today.

First, how would you feel if I told you that all of these groceries cost a total of $24.26? Woo-hoo!! Last month I started saving a ton at the grocery store. I learned how to combine what is on sale at the grocery store with coupons from the Sunday paper.

I am a believer!!

The website is If you live in Utah, the passport is g84ccl. It is a free website that rates what is on sale that week from 1-5 stars. Four and 5 stars are really worth stocking up on. It also tells you which coupon(s) to use, and where to find them, to get an even better deal. So, with my trip to Albertsons today, this is what I got:
  • 6 boxes Post cereal (Shredded Wheat, Grape Nuts, Honey Bunches of Oats)
  • 4 lbs Imperial margarine
  • 4 lbs ham
  • 3 lbs hand trimmed chicken breast
  • 1 bottle A & W diet rootbeer
  • 1 24 pk of tostada shells
  • 10 Lipton side dishes (fettucine alfredo, cheesy noodles with vegetables, etc)
  • 2 cans of Glade air freshener
  • 4 Easter basket stuffers (Hershey chocolate bunnies)
  • They were out of a cereal that I would have bought two of, which with my coupons would have been free. I got a rain check for that, and will get next time.
The regular price of the groceries above was $89.82. After the coupons combined with store savings, I paid $24.26. To make it even a sweeter deal, right now at Albertson's if you buy a $300 gift card - which I did- they will add $30 on to it for free. So, really I got all of this food for free (with $5.00 more to spend before my original amount will be affected). Even Better!

Second, although I generally shop at one store, occasionally I will go to Wal-Mart to ad match what is on sale. Today, I did some ad matching and when it was time to pay, I about died at the total. It was MUCH more than what I thought it would be. I went ahead and paid, thinking to myself, "Hmm, I must have miscalculated...." When I looked over my receipt, the cashier had accidently charged me $5.00 per can of mushrooms, instead of .50 cents per can! I had bought 12 cans. So, that could have been a $60 mistake! Luckily, I caught it, and it was quickly taken care of. The lesson learned here: ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your receipts!!

By shopping with coupons, you slowly can increase your food storage. You may be spending the same amount of money at first, but you will be getting at least double the items. This is a fantastic way to start your 3 month supply.

If you want to attend a free class on couponing (this is how I learned!), or if you want to learn more, you can email Chantel at She is awesome!

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