Friday, April 10, 2009

Text the savings!

Each time I check our cell phone bill, I can't believe how much is added on from dialing "411" (operator assistance). Often times on our way to a restaurant, we call to get on the "call ahead list". As usual, I dial 411 to get the phone number. Each time I would use this, it would add $1.79 plus airtime to our monthly bill- YIKES!! Two weeks ago, while out with friends, I used 411 again. Our friends gave us a little trick, that will save us a ton of money! If you text the listing you want to "google" (466453), you will get a text back within about 10 seconds. It will have the address and phone number of that listing. Better yet, it is FREE! I have been using this awesome service for the last couple weeks, and it works like a charm. Happy texting!

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  1. Btw, Google also offers a free voice 411 service at 800-466-4411. It works really well, especially if you can't easily spell the business name like texting requires.