Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Home Energy Audit

One great way to see if you are conserving energy (and money) is to schedule a Home Energy Audit.  Check with your power company to see if they offer them.  If you live in Utah, here is the link. Questar Gas sent an auditor out to my home and he spent nearly 2 hours looking at everything!  I was a little nervous to see what he would have to say.... Yay!  It was good news!  We are energy efficient on most things.  He gave some great suggestions (as well as supplying some pipe insulators and a water heater blanket for free!).  All in all, it was great.  Questar charges $25 for the audit, and then they refund it if you take any of their suggestions.  Not bad!  He then spent time explaining each of the different things to look for and do to make our home more efficient.  He left us with a custom printed report for our home with suggestions, and costs to implement these suggestions, and how long it would take to recoup the savings.  I highly recommend this audit!

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