Friday, May 8, 2009

Garden Delight

I asked my husband the other day if it was weird that I get so excited by my garden! Each day when I go out and look at the little seedlings coming up, it really makes my day! It is very fulfilling to me. I get so excited to spend time getting it planted, watered, etc. Hopefully my enthusiam will last the whole growing season. I haven't got my irrigation system figured out yet. Today I will go and talk to the folks at the irrigation store to get some help. I have always used a drip system in my garden, but now since I am doing square foot gardens, I am not sure that is the best way.

It is time to get planting! It is not too late to plant lettuce, peas, radishes or other cool weather crops. And now it is time to get everything else planted! I always jump the gun a bit and plant earlier than is recommended. This year I got burned. We had a hard freeze several days after I planted. I covered the garden with black plastic, but I still lost 3 tomato plants and 3 cucumber plants. However, even having to replace a couple of plants, everything is coming up beautifully. So far the only things that have not come up are my canteloupes, and several beans which I will reseed tomorrow.

For square foot gardening, here are the totals per square for different seeds:
Plant (#per square)
Asparagus (1)
Basil (4)
Beans, Pole (8)
Beans, Bush (9)
Beets (9)
Broccoli (1)
Cauliflower (1)
Carrots (16)
Cilantro (4)
Corn (4)
Cukes (2)
Dill (4)
Eggplant (1)
Lettuce (4)
Okra (1)
Onions (9-16)
Oregano (1)
Parsley (1)
Peas (8)
Peppers (1)
Potatoes (4)
Radishes (16)
Rosemary (1)
Spinach (9)
Swiss Chard (4)
Tomatoes Vine (1)

Plant (#of squares)
Cantaloupe (2)
Pumpkins (2)
Summer squash (9)
Bush Tomatoes (9)
Watermelon (2)
Zucchini (9)

Some links on square foot gardening:

Happy Planting! Even if you don't want to plant a huge garden, plant some pots! It is amazing how much fun growing can be!

Beans, eggplant, beets, carrots and lettuce. Some are ready to snip (I planted 2 in each hole-and they all germinated!)The small trellis we made for a few tomato plantsPlanting in pots works great. Chives, rosemary, strawberries, rhubarb & tomatoes Not shown: around the trunks of my trees I plant basil, oregano and thyme.While planting, I planted a bunch of flower pots as well. What a difference they make in my yard!

Cucumbers (top row)
Spinach (bottom row)

Below: My "Salsa" garden: peppers, jalepenos, anaheims, and some garlic and lettuce too!

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