Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cost of Wasted Food and Water Storage

Why is it so important to "use what you store" and "store what you use?" When was the last time you threw away food you have stored? Has it been a week? A month? A year? If I asked you to take out a $20 bill and rip it up and throw it away, would you? Of course not! Yet, every time we throw away food from our food storage for any reason, it is essentially throwing money away. Not only that, it is a waste of food resources, time, energy, etc.

A. Loss of money—may cost more to replace today than it cost yesterday.

B. Security loss—if it is spoiled it cannot be eaten; what cannot get past the nose will not be eaten unless extreme starvation circumstances exist—thus no security.

C. Quality of food loss—food will never be fresher than it is the day it is stored.

D. Loss of self sufficiency—more dependent upon others.

The following attitudes and actions result in wasted foods. Food stored properly will be a source of security, preparedness, and aid in the management of available resources to the family.

  • Saving food and water for use only in time of emergency.
  • Storing what someone else outlines (not personalizing).
  • Storing foods family does not like and or will not eat.
  • Not rotating foods in storage.
  • Not developing habits or using skills necessary to utilize storage.
  • Placing storage in unaccessible locations.
  • Placing storage in adverse storage conditions.
A "Food Storage" should be an extension of your pantry. Use it or lose it.

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