Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Powdered Milk Taste Test

At a class I attended on powdered milk, they had 6 different brands reconstituted (unmarked, so we could not tell what was what). They also had a pitcher (unmarked, of course) of real milk. We each sampled each milk, deciding if we thought:
  • Was it instant?
  • Was it real milk?
  • Would you purchase it for drinking?
  • What was the best tasting?
  • What was the worst tasting?
We found out later that the brands used were: Carnation Instant (sold in boxes); Morning Moo Milk Alternative; Country Cream; LDS Church Cannery; Morning Moo Chocolate; and real, non powdered milk.

Everyone in the class was surveyed to see which they thought was best, and if they could tell the real milk. It was interesting to see that some people preferred one thing, others preferred something else. This is how I rated them:

1. Country Cream (Best Tasting)
2. The real milk (Funny that I thought Country Cream tasted better... I thought IT must be the real milk)
3. LDS Church Cannery
4. Morning Moo Chocolate Flavor
5. Morning Moo Regular Milk Flavor
6. Carnation Instant (Worst Tasting)

So, before spending a lot of money on your powdered milk, it might be a great idea to purchase several cans, make up a quart of each and have your family do a taste test. Whatever your family likes best should be what you store.

Just make sure you make it up the day before, and serve it refrigerated.

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1 comment:

  1. Thank you. I love that you posted what you thought. It helps me to decide what may be the best.