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72 Hour Kit: Week 2: Clothing/Personal Items

72 Hour Kit: Week #2: Clothing/Personal Items

This week each person will need a backpack. This time of year, backpacks are on clearance at most retailers. I was on the look out this summer and picked up several at yard sales, and got the last two on clearance for about $5.00. This will hold all personal items for each person. Once again, this list is merely a suggestion, and you will need to tailor your backpacks to what will fit your family. Your family’s needs may be substantially different than my family’s needs. It is a good idea when you rotate your food kits to rotate your clothing. If you are rotating at conference time, in April you could pack clothes for warmer weather, and in October, clothes for cooler weather. It is also good to check your clothing every 6 months if you have children. They can changes sizes so fast! That would be terrible in an emergency to not have proper fitting clothes. Click here for printer friendly .pdf.

Clothing/Personal Item list:
  1. One complete change of clothing and footwear (include undergarments, good socks and sturdy shoes). Pack in large Ziplok bag if possible.
  2. Rain poncho (Walmart has them for .88 cents in the camping section, or Dollar Tree has a two-pack for $1.00)
  3. Emergency Blanket (Walmart has them for $2.88 in the camping section)
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Thermal underwear (if rotating for Winter months)
  6. Waterproof hat and gloves (for Winter months)
  7. Jacket or sweater
  8. Blanket or sleeping bag (wool or wool blend is best option, as it keeps warm even when wet, resists fire, and is less bulky than sleeping bags)
  9. Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, razor, feminine hygiene, sunscreen). Travel sizes work well as to not take up as much space.
  10. Contact lenses and supplies
  11. Extra eye glasses
  12. 3 day supply of prescription medications.
  13. Ziplok for Sanitation supplies (toilet paper- remove cardboard roll to save space-towelettes, hand sanitizer, disinfectant)
  14. Plastic garbage bags with ties: These have many uses- garbage, toilet waste (lining a 5 gallon bucket), ground cloths, broken window cover, rain poncho, etc) Every person should have 1 in their backpack.
  15. Flashlight with batteries
  16. In outer pocket our backpacks will have silverware, and plastic bowls. One pack will have the can opener. This could also be fastened to a food bucket as well.
  17. On the outer zipper, or on another outer portion, a water bottle and hand sanitizer will be fastened for easy access.
To do at home this week:
Make a family disaster plan.
Have a home fire drill
Establish an Emergency Contact

Next Week: Week 3: First Aid Kit

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