Monday, December 7, 2009

72 Hour Kit: Week #10: Children's Survival Kit

Store these items in a waterproof container. A plastic bucket is ideal for this! Store it near the other 72 hour kit items.

Scriptures (small military style, available at distribution center for $4)
Books and magazines
Activity and coloring books
Markers, colored pencils (do not store crayons as they can melt and make a huge mess)
Card games: Uno, phase 10, facecards
Small toys
Hard candy (individually wrapped lifesavers). Remember, hard candies can melt, so plan accordingly.
Creative games list
Wooden blocks
Metal washers

Creative Games List (this list was found in a friend’s file, and it didn’t have a name on it to give credit to)

Drop in a bottle
Pitch at a target
clothesline relay

Wooden Blocks:
Print letters on cubes. Roll cubes to spell words. First one to make 10 words wins.

Roll them at a target
Toss them in a box
Old fashioned marble game

Metal washers:
Toss them into numbered cups

Paper cups:
Tossing game
Blowing relay

Paper Plates:
Toss through a wire coat hanger

Marble blow relay
Bean relay

Carry ball
Flip beans at target
Carry cotton balls

Feather Volleyball: Blow feather over string or net
Toss them at target
Blow them over the line relay

To do this week at home: Relax and know that you have done what we have been counseled to do- your 72 hour kit is ready to go!!!!!

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