Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dipping Chocolates

Today was the day to dip all that yummy creamed fondant.  I am getting ready for our Christmas Eve party and wanted to give each person a little piece of heaven on their plate.  Start with a high quality chocolate (Alpine- which is a milk chocolate); Peters Burgundy (which is semi-sweet); or others that are good quality.  I use 2/3 burgundy and 1/3 milk, which I think is perfect. If you put the chocolate in a metal or glass bowl, and set in your oven overnight with only the light on (the oven itself is NOT on), the chocolate will be ready to go in the morning.  That tip came from my friend Kristen, who is the chocolate goddess.  Once I stir the chocolate from the oven, I put it in a cold electric skillet.  When the chocolate gets too thick, turn on the skillet for about 5-8 seconds, while stirring, then turn off.  The chocolate will be perfect again.

 1.  Roll Fondant into small balls.  You want them to be at room temperature, or just slightly chilled.  If they are too cold, they will make your chocolate harden too quickly.

2.  Using fingers, dip each fondant ball into chocolate, shaking your hand as to get rid of the extra chocolate.  Open your fingers and place dipped ball onto pan with Silpat or waxed paper.  It is really messy on this step.

3.  Let chocolates sit at room temperature until chocolate is no longer glossy.  If desired, you can put white chocolate on top, dark chocolate on top, etc.  


4.  Put in individual boxes- and WOW your guests!  Delicious!!

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