Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Organizing "stuff"

It seems that in my house, every inch has to be used efficiently to maximize space.  One thing that I LOVE to use is shoe holders!  However, I don't use them for shoes.  I hang them on the backs of my doors for various things.  In my front closet, the pockets hold various seasonal things.  In the summer it holds hats, sunscreens and other things that the kids can come get. In the winter, the pockets hold mittens, scarves, ear warmers etc.  Each kid has a whole row for themselves, so they always know where their stuff is.

In the bathroom, the organizer holds bows, barettes, hairsprays, brushes, combs, etc.  I like the clear ones so I can see exactly where everything is.This is especially helpful as the kids know where each thing goes- and they can put it away where it goes.

In my kitchen pantry, the organizer holds our cell phones, chargers, sunglasses, ipods and all the little electronic gadget-y things that I use in the kitchen and with my computer in the kitchen.  I know the pantry seems an odd place for this, but that is where I use it.

These wonderful shoe organizers have helped us save space, and be organized.  Each one is only about $7-9.00 at Walmart or Target.

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