Thursday, July 1, 2010

Earthquake Preparedness

Several of my friends and I get together monthly to discuss and implement emergency preparedness ideas.  This past week we discussed EARTHQUAKES!  Since we live on the Wasatch Front, home to the Wasatch Fault, this is a very real threat to us.  Below are the handouts we received.  They are wonderful!  Thanks to my friend Jenni who put them together for us.

This first one was taken from an area fireside on Earthquakes.  Here are her notes:
Earthquake Fireside

This second one is filled with fabulous information taken from the North American Emergency Management team.  Good Stuff!!

Home Earthquake Information
This last one is a list of resources on the web for more information.  It is one thing to read about and gather information about preparedness.  It is another thing to implement what we learn!  Lets get to it!!
Earthquake Resources

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