Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sneaking in Food Storage....

We eat the same main dishes about 80% of the time because of taste, habit, awareness, familiarity, etc. Using your food storage can be as simple as creating a list of dishes eaten and liked by your family. The created list should be at least 10-20 dishes long. Which of the dishes could include the addition of basic food storage items? Make small adjustments to recipes and increase changes as taste preference allows.

For Example:
Meat Loaf : Add rice and/or wheat berries and/or dry beans.
Chili: Add wheat and/or rice.
Tuna Noodle Casserole: Add wheat.
Stroganoff: Serve over rice. Add wheat berries to sauce.
Hamburger Macaroni: Add dry beans.
Stuffed Green Peppers: Add rice and/or wheat.
Chicken Tonight: Add cooked dry beans.
Chicken Enchiladas : Use dry milk base.
Shepherd’s Pie: Add cooked dry beans.
Chicken Noodle Soup: Add rice and wheat.
Chicken Divan: Add wheat. Serve over rice.
Ham Fried Rice: Add wheat.
Choc. Chip Cookies: Add oatmeal and wheat flour.
Pancakes: Make mix using dry milk, wheat flour, and oatmeal.
Cream Soup: Use dry soup mix.
Vegetable Soup: Add rice and wheat berries

For best results:
  • Choose familiar recipes your family likes.
  • Avoid creating abnormal dishes. The further from a “normal” dish the recipe becomes the greater the chance the dish will be rejected and considered undesirable.
  • Add new dishes and recipes to the master menu which use basic storage.
  • Make a conscious effort to use the master menu and basic storage items.
  • Start out slowly to avoid gastrointestinal problems

Taken from: Food Storage Cooking School- Low and Hendricks, USU Extension, Salt Lake
County, 1/99. Copies may be made for individual and non-profit use.

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