Friday, October 2, 2009

72 Hour Kits: Reminders and Suggestions

72 Hour Kit: Suggestions and Reminders
  • Most items can be purchased at Wal-mart, camping supply stores, emergency preparedness stores, etc.
  • Store your kits in a convenient place known to all family members. Keep a smaller version of your kit in each vehicle.
  • Keep items in waterproof , airtight containers if possible.
  • Change your stored water, food, and clothing every six months. At that time, re-think your kit and family needs. Replace batteries, etc. Many people like to rotate at General Conference time.
  • Plastic bags can serve as trash bags, ground cloths, tents, broken window covers or rain coats.
  • Disinfectants like bleach, Lysol, and betadine can be used to treat sewage, waste water, and refuse to minimize infection.
  • In case you are separated from family when a disaster strikes, establish several different meeting places depending on the circumstances.
  • Place a sign on your kit reminding you to wear sturdy walking shoes, and to grab anything that is not located in kit (tent, etc).

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