Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

At a recent class on wheat & bread making, I learned more about whole wheat pastry flour (so exciting, I know). I have always used regular whole wheat flour ground from either hard white or hard red wheat in my recipes. Not any more!! Whole wheat pastry flour is made from ground SOFT white wheat. I hurried and bought a 50 pound bag and started grinding away. This type of wheat is a little harder to find. It is not carried at the LDS Canneries, nor is it in grocery stores. I special ordered mine from Leland Mills in Spanish Fork, UT (801) 798-2090. It was $13.00 for a 50 pound bag. Ordered from Blue Chip Group, it is $23.40 for a 50 pound bag. It can also be ordered from Honeyville, and Pleasant Hill Grains (however, it was about $50.00 for a 45 pound bucket!!).

Whole wheat pastry flour is ideal for cookies, cakes, pastries, crackers, pancakes and other non-bread applications. It has a lower protein content (8-10%), so it is NOT good for making bread.

The taste test: The first thing we made was chocolate chip cookies. I did not tell my family that they were made with 100% whole wheat pastry flour. My husband thought they were better than normal (and he LOVES the normal recipe- made with white flour), and my kids kept wanting more. Now, tomorrow will be buttermilk pancakes.....

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